Frequently asked questions

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Q: What is Palmtech?

A: Palmtech is the all-in-one software solution for home inspectors. With Palmtech, you get all the core functionality you need to run your inspection business on the go in a single, easy-to-use app.

Q: Is Palmtech just a report writer?

A: Nope! While report writing remains at the core of what Palmtech does, it’s actually much more than a report writer. It’s a one-stop-shop software solution for inspectors that gives them everything they need to manage their business on a day-to-day basis. That includes writing and delivering great reports, inspection scheduling, payment collection, calendar management, and more!

Q. Can Palmtech help me collect and track my inspection fees? If so, what are the rates and fees?

A. Yes, Palmtech makes it easy to enable payment processing. Here’s why you should – you’ll get paid upfront for inspections, and next-day funding ensures you get paid faster than you would with a traditional payment processor. You’ll also experience fewer cancellations. Why? Since homebuyers pay upfront for inspections, they’re much less likely to cancel. What’s more, our payment processor was built from the ground up for inspectors and offers the best rates in the business, with no setup or monthly fees.

Some more detail on rates: credit card transactions are as low as 2.75% and if we can’t beat what you’re currently paying, we’ll pay you $500. Getting started is quick and easy, and once you’re set up, you’re good to go – automation takes care of the rest. New and existing customers can get started by enabling payments in Palmtech here.

Q: Is Palmtech easy to learn to use?

A: Yes. Palmtech was designed from the ground up using direct input from home inspectors without backgrounds in computers to ensure our customers can get comfortable with the software quickly. Many of our customers have told us they were up and running with Palmtech on the day they purchased it.

Q: What kind of training and support does Palmtech come with?

A: Palmtech comes with free onboarding sessions to help you get started with Palmtech as well as additional training if you think you need more. We also offer phone, email and online chat support. Additionally, there is also the Palmtech Support site, where you will find FAQs and how-to tutorial videos focused on the basics of using Palmtech.

Q: Does Palmtech come ready to use out of the box?

A: Yep! Palmtech comes with pre-loaded inspection report templates, thousands of comments, a pre-written inspection agreement as well as pre-written automated emails. Inspectors can customize those items to suit their business, but the software is set up on day one to be ready for use on an inspection.

Q: Can I see a sample inspection report?

A: Yes! We’ve built out a sample report for you here.

Q: What devices does Palmtech work on?

A: Palmtech works on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers powered by Apple’s iOS, Mac, Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android operating systems.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Palmtech has been used by home inspectors since 1998. We’ve been doing this a long time and have more than 25 years of experience in taking great care of inspectors.

Q: Does it work in my state/province?

A: Yes. We have inspectors in every U.S. state, every Canadian province and many other countries that use Palmtech every day.

Q: How do I get started using Palmtech? Can I test it first?

A: Getting started with Palmtech is fast and easy. And, yes, you CAN test it first. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial, download the Palmtech app and you’ll get five free published inspections.